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Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable Forestry

on Saturday, 08 October 2011. Posted in Sustainable Forestry

Sustaining Forestry




Forest was the home of our ancestors.


Our ancestors were experts in the art of sustaining the forests, not only because it was their home, but also because of their understanding of the world they lived in, that what they derive from something, they have to return the same. They lived in the forest happily because of this art of sustaining. Gradually, they started identifying the treasures hidden inside by God the great Creator. They began using them, enjoying them, but never considered taking more than what they could enjoy.


But, later generations started exploiting the treasures. This was because of their ignorance and uncontrollable greed. The Global Warming, and many other environmental problems are the after-effects of that destruction. It was all a green forest all through those glorious years. But as greed gave way to peaceful co-existence, the green forest began to shrink. It is proved that the shrinking of the green area is now a real danger to Life on earth.


We were dependent of the forest in the past and we are now at every moment of our life. We might live in the concrete jungle today and eat artificially manufactured food, but the oxygen we need to breath is the gift of trees. The food we eat, the dress we wear, and the homes we stay are also having connection with the forest one way or another. The pleasure that the wood can give is incomparable, but the relevance of sustaining forestry starts here. The inheritance of these forests by the coming generation is important. We cannot build a forest in a person’s life period. The protection of the forest that exists today is what we can promise our children tomorrow, and it is this protection that we should ensure and work to make it right, right now.


In U.K, there is an organisation called as the Forestry Commission to protect forests. It is a non-ministerial government department, which is responsible for all such matters, like growth and protection of British forest and woodlands. (*Ref A) Even if you want to green your home they will help you. The name of that wing is Greener DIY. The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will assist the citizens in improving their agricultural activities everywhere, even if it is only in their gardens. The United Kingdom is concerned about both local and international forest protection.


The sustaining of the forestry actually helps to achieve sustainable development in the UK. The development of a country depends on its social progress, the safeguarding and the sensible use of its natural resources, and the maintenance of a stable level of economic growth and employment. We must make sure in our character that all the existing forests remain here for our children and grand children. If we are talking about children inheriting certain things from the parents, this character too should be included in the things that are inherited.


In our modern life situation, sustaining something is a great challenge, and sustaining the forestry is still more difficult. We need townships to dwell. We need roads to travel. We need factories, space centres, and many more to live, thrive and reach the skies. We know very well that through the trees we get the oxygen that we breathe, and for all of our necessities we are compelled to cut those trees. Then we forget the fact that controlling the destruction of forest is a very important responsibility of all human beings.

A recent study reveals that we have destroyed 130000 square kilometre forests last year. (*Ref B:) This is equal to the size of England. This year it might be more than that. Protection of the existing forest is equally important as the expansion with new forests. We can get our inspiration from people like the Green Peace movement. They contribute very much in this constructive mission. Each one of us has responsibility to support people like them.


Social awareness can make wonders. Schoolteachers can encourage their students to plant at least a tree once every year. Media can also help a lot in this mission. Print media and electronic media can promote an environmental friendly life.


And finally, we come to the important matter of the century. It is the level of hydrocarbon burning and the resulting residues in the atmosphere. Carbon emission on the whole, is increasing every year. Only trees can save us from this carbon epidemic. The climate change, the quality and quantity of rain and snow in the country, the health and wealth of the people, all these are directly or indirectly controlled by the woods. Woods are lovely. Let them be there.





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