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on Tuesday, 20 September 2011. Posted in Pollution

Increasing Pollution – Major Problem These Days

What is pollution? This is a question almost every individual can answer. Pollution is basically contamination done by some chemical or harmful gas etc that makes the environment unhealthy and unfit for use for humans, animals and plants.

Earth has provided us with everything that is needed for a healthy life. This includes fertile soil, clean air, pure water, animals and plants etc. But unfortunately, pollution is directly or indirectly snatching away these blessings from us by harming our environment.

Pollution is divided into four main areas, namely; air, water, noise and land pollution. Many substances or pollutes combine together and destroy our beloved planet. These days, acid rain, global warming, depletion of ozone layer, smog, unhealthy air and dirty water etc are a great concern among environmentalists. The main reason behind all this is nothing but pollution. These days, toxins and smog are floating in air and this is just because of industrial wastage together with the petroleum – burning vehicles.

Environmental pollution has affected life on earth quite badly. Statistics say that 20% of the earth’s population is dying each year because of it. The most dangerous issue these days is the green house effect. According to Ecumenical Water Network, approximately 1.1 billion people around the globe, most of them being in Asia, do not have access to adequate water or sanitation and because of this, 2 million deaths are caused each year. Most of these problems are due to inappropriate usage resources and energy.

There are many solutions for pollution, which, if followed properly, can reduce or totally eliminate all environmental problems faced these days. We must use our natural resources, especially nonrenewable resources like fuel etc wisely and avoid ban vehicles that emit carbon. Special care should be taken while planning industrial projects as to avoid water or air pollution. Reduce deforestation and encourage growing trees. Non biodegradable materials’ usage should be reduced. All activities that can directly or indirectly harm water, air, soil and forests etc must strictly be avoided by individual as well as governmental level.

Habit of recycling must be adopted. Many products that are made up of paper, metals and plastic can be recycled. This is cost effective as well as good for the environment as less energy would be used. Also avoid wasting electricity. Waste shouldn’t be dumped in water or underground. If possible, reuse the recycled materials to further minimize the disposal. All nonrenewable resources must be substituted with renewable resources wherever possible.

One must take care not to go against the rules of “environmental sustainability”. It means to meet needs of the current era along with ensuring our future generations that their needs would not be compromised. In order to do this, population density must be maintained and resources must not be misused or over used. We must not spoil things around us. Taking care of our Earth is very important as to make sure pollution and global warming doesn’t kill us in near future!


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