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on Tuesday, 20 September 2011. Posted in Energey Monitoring


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Commercial Buildings Energy Management

Sustainable Planet brings you details of one of the the latest generation of energy management systems from NoWatt.

About NoWatt

NoWatt is a rapidly expanding energy monitoring solution provider who appears to be emerging as a technology leader in their sector. As well as offering a hardware solution to monitor energy usage, NoWatt also analyse collected data with a specially written software package capable of highlighting possible issues with excess usage or flag unusual changes in energy consumption. Most problems behind increased energy usage or waste, are not enabling action to be taken. NoWatt’s energy management system is an example of using technology to reduce energy consumption. Customers are encouraged to review collected web statistics and to monitor changes in consumption to help them take action to reduce energy costs. NoWatt’s easy to use interface also allows the export of data for more advanced data analysis.

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NoWatt’s Business Philosophy

NoWatt started with a very simple philosophy: to help customers understand the detail behind their energy usage so as to drive down energy spend. Energy is one of the largest overheads for many businesses, yet it is still billed like a telephone in the 1960s. NoWatt provides the level of detail required to manage energy in the way that you would manage any other significant business cost. NoWatt doesn’t wait to tell you what you have already used – we show what you are using and, more importantly, where it is being used. NoWatt helps businesses take the guess-work out of managing energy costs.

The Business case for commercial consumers

With NoWatt its easier to see that energy is a major area where costs can be reduced. It is generally accepted that energy prices are set to rise dramatically, so the need to develop strong management capabilities is becoming ever more pressing.

Historically energy cost management has been done by comparison with past performance and instigating policies at a macro level. The reason for this is that it has been difficult and costly to monitor detail in real time. Measurement has been based around expensive meters which tend to be installed at an early stage of the supply, looking at the energy that has been used by a whole area. More recently the time period of reporting has come down to ½ hour intervals, but this is still at a macro level and certainly does not allow the review of the performance of individual devices effectively where they use a sub-30 minute cycle. Examples typically include devices that cool or heat such as freezers, chillers, water heaters etc..

The NoWatt Solution for Business

NoWatt’s technology comprises simple, non-invasive hardware and hosted software which analyses and presents information via the web. The hardware sends sub-second readings to a central database where NoWatt stores, analyses and delivers energy usage information for any period, location or appliance. NoWatt’s software has simple navigation, allowing customers and consultants to drill down to circuits and appliances to find exactly where energy is being consumed, instantly.

NoWatt’s sophisticated data mining software enables any business to view their usage in a variety of ways (for example, by floor, building or department), to recognize individual appliances, to set alerts and rules for equipment operation, and to test new policies and equipment in real-time.

NoWatt provides a new level of detail. Working with each business to generate an ‘as is’ discovery of current energy usage as part of an initial cost-saving initiative. After collecting data, they analyse it, create reports on findings and recommend targets as part of a long term strategy. NoWatt provides regular reviews to track progress.


See The Difference?


Current Business

NoWatt has brought its solution to market (the software is at version 4.0) and has an installed base of customers across a number of sectors including government, industry, education, offices, restaurants, printers and public transport. NoWatt has proven the value of its technology with these customers. NoWatt’s solution is a significant differentiator, because it delivers real value in the short-term (helping customers reduce energy spend now) while also collecting the information needed to help customers define and measure longer-term energy saving and sustainability strategies.


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